A testimony to the work our doctors do for our community.  We were voted BEST CHIROPRACTOR for 3 years in a row!  Thanks to all our patients who put their trust in us for their healthcare needs.


Colleen’s Story
Since I was about the age of 12, I’ve had a migraine disorder. When I get hit with a migraine it starts with a spot in my vision similar to the spots you see after a camera flash or looking at the sun. The spot will get bigger and bigger until it takes up my entire vision and I go blind. After the spot shows up I lose feeling in my fingers and toes and my tongue goes numb. After all of this the pain comes. It’s a stabbing, blinding, throbbing pain throughout my entire head and neck and every move I make, every sound I hear, every light I see makes it multiply until it’s unbearable. The scariest part of these migraines is that along with all these symptoms, my brain gets foggy and my comprehension becomes slower and it’s gotten so severe that I’ve lost the ability to have a coherent conversation. Multiple times the migraines have ended up in hospitaliztions, on more than one occasion the hospital was sure I was having a stroke. Usually for a couple days following the migraines I’m sluggish and slow, feel hungover and am still struggling to keep up mentally. I’ve been to multiple doctors, neurologists , had scans, tests, been given multiple medications, kept food journals, sleep journals and even been to the Mayo Clnic but nothing has ever been able to get rid of the migraines. After 3 days of migraines in a row and on a whim I got ahold of Josh over at Active Health Chiropractic and asked him if he thought there was anything he could do. I went in to see him, we talked and he completed an adjustment. He was incredibly thorough and professional and in a short visit was able to diagnose the problem and lay out a plan. After having anywhere from 3 migraines a week to 3 a month for nearly 18 years I have been free of them since my visit weeks ago which brought near instant relief. I cannot say enough about what this has done for my quality of life, for my kids who would have to stay away from me when I’m laid up in bed for days, for my overall health and peace of mind. I highly reccomend this amazing business to anyone who is dealing with any kind of issue and will be returning for maitenance adjustments for many years to come. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and willing to help with ANY problem you have. This has been such a blessing and I just wanted to share.

Nancy’s Story
I had never seen a chiropractor until about two years ago when I was in my middle 50’s and my husband suggested I go for the issues I have with my neck and back. I was very apprehensive and heard all kinds of horror stories about chiropractors. Since I had seen a lot of physicians and physical therapists over the years with virtually no relief, I thought…what do I have to lose? Was I ever surprised and never dreamed I could have a better life with the treatments I receive. As a team, with Dr. Zach’s adjustments and my continued work at home with the stretches and exercise he has taught me, I have come to a place without pain! I feel that I’m more than just a number here. The care and kindness showed by Dr. Zach and his staff compares to none. A HUGE thank you for all you do!!

Crystal’s story

I injured my hip doing squats and could not put any weight on my left leg. After the very first adjustment I felt at least at 60% again and within 2 weeks I was back at 100%. I know if I had tried to self medicate it would not have been as fast as a recovery. THANK YOU!

Jonina’s Story
I was very skeptical after hearing some stories about chiropractic but I decided to give it a try specially after the doctors told me I needed back surgery and then they said it would be 50/50 chance but I’m so glad I didn’t listen to the doctors because chiropractic has helped me so much it’s unbelievable I wanna thank you guy’s for being there for me and special thanks to Jordan my chiropractor …thanks again.

Jessica’s Story
My 7 month old was having some constipation issues and hadn’t gone in over a week. He was pretty miserable, so I walked in and he was seen by Dr. Josh Mason right away. Within 45 minutes after his adjustment he had cleared out his system. I was so impressed I brought back my three year old, who had been up 2 or three times a night for a few weeks and was having a night terror every night. He woke up once that night, and after that started sleeping through the night again, and hasn’t had a night terror in probably 2 months and has only woken up a time or two. Now my whole family visits Active Health regularly!

Courtney’s Story
I’ve been to so many different chiropractors and many in ft dodge. Some were old school whiles others caused more pain than comfort and then told me they wanted to see me back in a couple of days for like the next 6 weeks. I was pointed in the direction of active health because I had a migraine for over a week. This is where I meet Zach and the wonderful staff. I found out I had a pretty twisted neck that was straight as an arrow. With a few adjustments some exercises and some therapy I improved with leaps and bounds. They were the first place that told me if I was feeling good and didn’t feel as if I need to go then cancel my appointment and come back when I needed it. They are very courteous at active health and I refer people here every chance I get.

Amber’s Story
Without my chiropractor I would not have been able to train for and complete my first marathon in 2012 due to some hip pain I was experiencing.

Jessica’s Story
When I first moved to Fort Dodge 5 years ago I threw my back out moving furniture. I was introduced to Dr Josh Mason and after a couple of weeks he had me back to normal. Over the years I have injured my back through various activities and Active Health Chiropractic has always made time to heal my back. Even on a Sunday afternoon! Thanks Dr Mason. Now that I am on a four week schedule I have less pain and I sleep much better! My husband and I enjoy the Dr’s and staff who have been taking such great care of us over the years!

Makinzy’s Story
U guys are amazing at what you do!! You make people feel comfortable and all you staff are very friendly!! I was always nervous about chiropractors until now!! I had been having sever headaches and neck aches nothing was helping then I came to Active Health and my my headaches went away!! I come monthly and I am very satisfied every time leaving the office feeling 100% better!!!! Thank you Active Health!!!! Also helped my husband too:)

Sara’s Story
Because of Active Health Chiropractic, I was able to carry both of my babies to term with minimal body/joint/hip pain. Post-partum, I was adjusted and continue to do so as needed. now I am in tip-top shape to run after my kids. I appreciate how I can get in to see the doctor within 24 hours.

Jill’s Story
I had always been a skeptic when it came to chiropractors. After many years of suffering from sinus infections and 3 surgeries I finally decided I needed to give it a shot. I’m so thankful that Dr. Zach was able to figure out a way to help relieve my sinus pain and issues. I rarely have sinus infections now and when I do a good adjustment and some clicky thing he does to my face always seems to do the trick!

John’s Story
My daughter Nicole started going to Josh when he was at the other place. She had SEVERE migraines and Josh helped her to be able to function in life again. I started with Josh a few years ago and he is a life saver. I have bad arthritis and have lots of pain. He is always available to me and gets us in right away!

Peg’s Story
I always seemed to hurt somewhere. After working with Dr. Josh no more pain! Thanks Josh for realigning me!

Becky’s Story
Active Health Chiropractic is the best decision I’ve ever made!!
3 years of head pounding to the point of tears, not a day went by when my head and neck didn’t hurt as a result of an auto accident. That pain progressed to a condition called Papilledema, which caused swelling in the brain, changes in my vision, and head pain beyond anything I’ve ever felt. The medical doctors’ idea of fixing the problem was to load me up with medications that did nothing to relieve the pain. I was beside myself! In addition to the medications, I had tried physical therapy and much more invasive procedures to try to stop the pain. Nothing worked, until I found Active Health Chiropractic. Within a couple of sessions I was starting to feel relief. They are amazing! They’ve gotten rid of the papilledema and I finally have my life back. Thank you, Dr. Zach!

A’s Story – 9 years old
Frustrated and embarrassed is how bed-wetting made me feel. We were told to try going to a chiropractor at Active Health to see if it would help. I haven’t had another wet night since my 1st treatment! Thank you, Dr. Zach. You’ve changed my life!